Find the Inner Warrior Within

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8 Lessons

Hello. I’m Bershan, a two-time breast cancer survivor. The reason I am here today is to help you find your inner warrior. It took me years to step into my power to feel confident enough to do a workshop because my life was about me. I wanted to be a famous movie star, in front of the bright lights and big city, until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I realized that my life and my journey were bigger than myself. It wasn’t about me it was about giving back and sharing my experiences of my journey of how I overcame this horrible disease that could have killed me but didn’t.

I am here to help you move past your own demons, thoughts and issues that are holding you back. My life is no longer about me anymore it’s about using me as a vessel to give back to the world. What you will get out of this workshop is

  • A new way of thinking and looking at yourself
  • An action plan
  • Tools to help you find your inner warrior

If you are feeling lost, stuck and challenged in life where you feel like you have hit your glass ceiling with your career, your love life or your purpose then this workshop is for you. I will show you how to help you find the strength within yourself to facilitate a positive change in your life so you can step into your greatness.