Step Into Your Greatness

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I wanted to personally put these life coaching tools on the site because they helped me get to where I needed to go when I was lost, stuck and didn’t know how to get the change that I wanted in life. I used these techniques when I transitioned from owning my restaurant to being a transformational speaker. I didn’t know how to step out into this field. I was scared & I lived in fear until, I reached out to a life coach to help me transition. I realized that I was spending most of my money on the outside but not on the inside with tools that would help me get what I wanted. Until, I did the work on myself and started taking my life into my own hands, that’s when I followed my journey and abundance started happening for me.

As a life coach I am utilizing the tools on this site to help support, motivate, inspire, empower and hold you accountable to achieving your goals for yourself. Whatever you want in your life you will get but it’s all up to you. I need to remind you a life coach is not a therapist, a counselor or a mentor, a life coach is someone who helps you move towards your future in a positive way and that’s what I’m here to do, help you achieve the goals you want.

Here is the first step, please keep a journal record of all the things you are doing. I want you to write down your feelings of things you like or didn’t like. What you need to change and how you feel about this process. Journaling is the best form of expression and it’s a way to document all the things that you did or didn’t do and why.

“IF you want some things you’ve never had in life, you’ve got to do some things you’ve never done before in your life.” Bershan