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The URA Warrior teamfocuses on keeping the community a safe and supported place to be. We moderate the site, answer your queries, write blogs, organize web chats, support our Community Warriorsand make sure that people are comfortable and that they are finding the information they need, and that they are not alone.

We help out by welcoming new members, pointing them in the direction of the best groups to join and giving them tips on how to get started on the Community.

The URAWarrior team plays an active role in helping report spam and rule-breaking

The Online Community is a place for anyone 16 years + affected life challenging situations. Whether directly, through a family member, friend or neighbor, this is a place to get and give encouragement.

Our community groups are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moderators are on hand between 9AM EST and 12PM EST.

To keep this community an inclusive and safe place for active and supportive discussion, we ask that all of our users follow these simple guidelines.

Please remember that every time you use this community, you’re agreeing to our Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, so you should make sure that you understand these documents fully.

We ask all members to follow our community guidelines. We do not pre-moderate and cannot always check all the content on the community, therefore we rely on members reporting offensive and inappropriate content.

In short, we ask everyone to:

  • be supportive
  • respect others
  • not personally attack other members
  • not use abusive or offensive language
  • use the community to give and get support first and foremost – not research

We base our moderation decisions on evidence

Our experienced Community Team explores behind the scenes and takes decisions based on the evidence available.
We are careful to ensure that any moderation decisions are fact-based, and on some occasions we may ask community members to be tolerant of other members’ feelings and differences in communication styles.

When people have broken our guidelines…

We accept that this is sometimes accidental. We always let people know when they have broken our guidelines so they understand why we have taken action. We do this as part of our commitment to creating a safe, positive environment.

When a member breaks our guidelines, we may have to suspend their account. If someone repeatedly breaks our guidelines, the Community Team makes a decision based on any previous activity about what to do next – whether a week’s suspension or, as a last resort, a lifetime ban.

We reserve the right to take steps or implement measures that we think will benefit the whole community and its users.

If members are unhappy with any moderation decisions, they can contact and a member of the Community Team will respond.

Find offensive or inappropriate behavior?

Contact us at we will take appropriate action as soon as we can.

Your account

To start a new discussion and reply to others on the Online Community, you need to join by creating an account.

Please do not set up more than one account, as we do not allow multiple accounts registered to one member. If you cannot remember your password, you can request a new one.

Please keep your account details private and do not give your login details to anyone else.

Please do not give your account to anyone else as this can cause confusion within the Community. We also ask that you please do not sign up on behalf of someone else.

Please do not allow others to access the Community using your log in details without letting us know first.

All accounts should belong to individuals. If you wish to use the Community on behalf of an organization, please contact us for permission.

If we block your account, please do not set up another one without our permission. If you feel that your ban was undeserved then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Be supportive and respect others

  • Be supportive

This community offers a space for a wide range of people, many of whom have been affected by life challenging situations. Please focus on supportive and sensitive discussions and always be sympathetic to other members’ feelings. Please do not bully, harass or intimidate any user. If you have suspicions about another member making false claims, please report them to the Community Team and then ignore them. The Community team are the only members who are able to decide whether a member is fake or not, so please trust us to make the correct judgement call.

  • Respect others

We ask you to be tolerant and respectful of other members’ beliefs and opinions at all times. We understand that people often have strong feelings about the topics addressed in this community however, personal attacks are never justified.

We may remove any comments others find offensive or threatening or which are deemed to be escalating a situation. We may also remove an entire thread if a strong disagreement develops. It is your right to disagree with an opinion, but do not attack the person or people who hold it and please make your point respectfully.
When choosing where to post, please be considerate and look for a group or thread which is the most appropriate to your situation. Please respect the topic and situation of the member who has started a discussion. If you wish to start a completely new topic or discussion, please do this in a new thread.

  • Report and ignore

If someone posts something you feel violates our Community guidelines or Terms and Conditions, please let us know immediately, and then ignore it. Email us at Do not confront members publicly, please just report and ignore.

As in real life, not everyone on the internet is as nice as you may want them to be. Some nasty individuals enjoy riling people up online by posting inflammatory comments designed to provoke a response (often known as trolling or flaming). The best way to deal with this sort of behavior is to report it, then ignore it. The same goes if you suspect another member of not being who they say they are; report and ignore. Although it is often difficult, ignoring users who do this is the only way to get rid of them; if they can’t provoke a response, they will leave you alone.

  • Impersonation and imitation

Imitating other users can be a form of harassment and we take this very seriously. We may remove any content, delete accounts and ban users who do this. Members who are suspected of impersonating another member will have their accounts suspended pending investigation. Please do not provide false information in your ‘more about me’ section, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

  • Not telling the truth

URAWARRIORARRIORS aims to support everyone affected by cancer. From time to time we are visited by people who want to upset our members or who are not telling the truth about their cancer experience. Fortunately, these cases are rare but sadly they do exist and can have a negative impact upon our community.

If you suspect someone isn’t telling the truth, the best thing to do is to ignore them. Someone who is here for the wrong reasons wants the attention: you ignoring them will put them off. Please don’t accuse anyone publicly of being dishonest as this can deflect discussion away from what our community is here for. Instead, report your suspicions to our admin team either by using the reporting function in our groups or emailing us directly.

Please remember we can only make decisions based on activity that takes place on our community and not on other social networks (such as Facebook) or phone conversations. We are always cautious when handling cases like this as we are here to support people affected by life changing situations and do not want to falsely accuse anyone.

Community Content

  • Jokes

The URAWARRIORARRIOR community deals with very serious issues, but it can also be about putting a smile on your face when you need it most.

We think there is a place in our community for jokes, but we don’t want them to dominate our homepage, since this can be upsetting for people who are not in a laughing mood. So we ask that, when posting your funnies, you post them to our Laughter is the best medicine group.

Jokes posted in the wrong place may be removed. We understand that everyone has a different idea of what is funny, but please keep your jokes clean. We also ask that you do not post links to external web sites or any images which others may find offensive.

  • Abusive language

Offensive or abusive language is unacceptable in this community. Due to the nature of the site, it’s fine to use anatomical terms in the correct context in your messages but you should avoid aggressive or excessive use of swear words or words that others may find offensive.

We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism or other forms of hate-speech or content that could be interpreted as such. Harassment and threats of physical violence will end up in a permanent ban.

  • Medical advice

Information provided via our community is not intended to replace or be a substitute for the advice and services of professional experts but rather to provide signposts towards further information and support.

More than one in three of us will get cancer and other life challenging illnesses. For most of us it will be the toughest fight we ever face. Now, more than ever, we need people like you to join our team and help us make sure no one faces these challenges alone.

Here are some ideas for how you can get involved
Share your experience

Many people find it helps to talk about their experiences. This can be helpful for others who are going through the same.

Intern with us

Could you make someone’s day by giving a positive response to their online inquire? Whether it’s minutes or days, the time you give will matter. Contact us at


  • Can’t Find What You Need? eMail Us

Whether you’re a family member, a friend, neighbor, or a complete stranger you can help make life challenges such as cancer and divorce a less lonely place. Reaching out to someone you know facing big challenges can make the world of difference.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can help:

  • driving someone to hospital
  • popping round for a cup of coffee and a talk
  • joining our online community to support others

Steps for helping

If your friend, relative, colleague or neighbor has cancer, going through a divorce it can be hard to know what to do for the best. We can help you find the right words and give you some tips to help you, because nobody should have to suffer in silence

Be a good listener

There’s no magic phrase that is the ‘right’ thing to say. The important thing is that you’re there and you listen. Stay in touch whether through a visit, phone call, card, letter or email.

Find ways you can help

It helps to be specific when offering help. You could ask ‘shall I do the shopping?’ ‘Would you like me to pick the children up from school?’

How to talk

If your partner, relative or friend has cancer, talking openly will help you understand their experience and build mutual trust.

Talking and listening

Talking and listening can help your loved one make sense of difficult experiences.

Understanding what someone with a life challenge

Understanding what your partner, relative or friend is facing will help you encourage them to talk.