About Us

URAWARRIOR was founded by Certified Life Coach Bershan Shaw, two time breast cancer survivor, transformational speaker and author.

We are a community of hope that empowers women to discover their inner warrior. We focus on coping skills to help you take control of your life by learning how to overcome life’s challenges (health, relationships, family and work).

Through our online community tools, workshops, Podcasts, Live chats and experts, URAWARRIOR encourages women to express themselves openly about their issues. We want to help you recognize your skills and your dreams and the warrior within.

We are supporters, professionals, volunteers, and people affected by life challenges and life altering issues. Together we make sure the online community is available, to give you the encouragement, energy and inspiration you need to help you get your life back.



Transformational coach, motivational speaker, Author, Founder of URAWARRIOR.COM and two time breast cancer survivor, Bershan has dedicated her life to helping others discover their inner warrior during life’s most difficult journeys. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 at just 33 years old, Bershan met her warrior journey and illness head on with a positive spirit. A driving force in Bershan’s life has been the unshakable belief that she is meant to help others discover their own inner warrior.



Driven Sales Executive for over 20 years with proven success through leadership in sales, marketing, and business development roles. Lidia is proof of Beishan’s power to inspire and motivate women to step outside of their comfort zone, Lidia joined Bershan full time in 2013 after selling her company. At the top of her career, Lidia left the corporate space to join forces with Bershan and start doing the work. Three years later, Lidia is a believer in the power of finding your inner WARRIOR.

What We Believe

We believe no women should suffer in silence. So when you need someone to turn to, this community is here for you. Right from the start of your Life’s challenge the community is designed to be a constant source of encouragement, giving you the spark and inspiration to help you take back your life.

We believe URAWARRIOR is a source of encouragement through positive psychology and communal interaction that helps women feel supported, empowered and optimistic.

OWe believe URAWARRIOR community can help you through our various offerings. We will provide you a road map to overcome your obstacles and embrace your Warrior within.